Daily Create Contributions – Day 1: Green Tea and Toaster Oven

Green Tea and Toaster Oven by Mikenan1
Green Tea and Toaster Oven, a photo by Mikenan1 on Flickr.

This is my first Daily Create entry.

Today’s prompt is

Take a photo of the ONE thing you MUST see, do, eat, hear, etc. everyday!

I make a pot of green tea every morning so that I will have enough to stay caffeinated throughout the day. I can’t live without this toaster oven. We’re usually in a rush in the morning. For breakfast, I usually heat either toast, frozen waffles, or bagels for the family.

The Daily Create seems like a neat way to foster creativity in virtual space. Perusing through older prompts, one that I would be stuck on is “Write a poem about a cat”. I’m not much of a writer and much less a poet. I hope the next 3 days of Daily Create would be something do-able!