PhET Interactive Simulations

This week, we are covering types of reactions and balancing equation in Chemistry. The PhET (Physics Education Technology) Interactive Simulations really help my students understand the basis of why equations must be balanced, helping them relate back to the idea of Conservation of Matter.

There are over 100 simulations on their website, all are FREE! Many of the older ones, such as Gas Properties, require Java and can only run on a computer. The newer ones, such as Balancing Chemical Equations, have been converted to HTML5.

The simulations are not limited to Chemistry topics. There are also simulations for Biology, Physics, Earth Science, and Math.

Mobile app versions are available for iOS and Android devices for a nominal fee.

PhET iPad.png

Gene Expression


Annenberg Learner: The World of Chemistry

The Annenberg Learner offers many resources for both teachers and students.

The World of Chemistry is a video series for High School or College Chemistry students. They can watch the video at their own pace to clarify concepts discussed in class. Although the series can be used on their own, I use it as a supplemental material to the Chemistry curriculum.