Khan Academy as OER

For the OER assignment, our group decided to review Khan Academy’s series on Unit Conversions with focus on Converting Gallons to quarts pints and cups.

Sal Khan has an innate gift in explaining concepts for ease of understanding. It helps that each video covering each sub-topic is short (usually about 5 – 10 min). For each sub-topic, he presents a questions/word problem. Then Khan explains each step involved in solving the problems. Often times, he supports his verbal explanations with diagrams to help the visual learners.

Overall, this is one of the best OER offered at the moment. This Unit Conversion topic is actually one of the first he started to help his cousin through distance tutoring, and resulted in him started the Khan Academy.

It would be nice if there were additional embedded questions grouped by sub-topics for additional practice. In math, it’s important to provide the learner with a variety of questions to allow for mastery of skills.


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