Daily Create Contributions – Day 2: Love Actually

Today’s prompt is

Submit a favorite monologue from a movie with every third word removed.

Initially, I groaned at this assignment. However, as I thought more about how I would respond, I reflected upon my favorite movies. One of them is Love Actually (2003). It’s one of my favorites to watch around the holidays every year partly because I love British romantic comedies.

The monologue I chose is by the Prime Minister at the very beginning of the movie:

Whenever I get with the of the, I think the arrivals at Heathrow. General opinion’s to make that we live a world hatred and, but I see that. It seems me that is everywhere. it’s not dignified or, but it’s there – fathers sons, and daughters, and wives, girlfriends, friends. When planes hit Twin Towers, far as know none the phone from the on board messages of or revenge – were all of love. you look it, I’ve a sneaky you’ll find love actually all around.

Although fictional, I believe the sentiments are true – the best way to cheer up from something awful is to know that love is all around. Cheesy, yes, but works for me.

There you have it. Somehow this Daily Create assignment is helping me write more. I can see something like this being used in a Social Studies or a Language Arts class. It’s helpful to provide prompts to students on a daily basis to get them into the habit of writing. And I can see how a simple website such as the Daily Create and using Twitter can help engage students to foster creativity.

1 thought on “Daily Create Contributions – Day 2: Love Actually

  1. Hey Nan,
    Good posting there! I too was thinking about how this Daily Create can be of use not just for this weekly assignment, but something to transfer back to my classroom or those I support. I think this idea does help think outside of the box, and it isn’t something that is really difficult, unless you are one of creatively-challenged writers like me.
    As for Twitter, not too many high school students have seen the impact of using this social medial tool. One of my fellow teachers had her students contact certain experts in the field of education via Twitter and ended up receiving great updated information directly from those involved in the development of education and technology. I too need to do a better job of posting and reading more consistently of those I follow and who follow me. Great job!

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